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 Sierra Golden Journey

"Rose"is our stunning girl from top European blood lines.  We love her pedigree and outstanding health clearances.  Rose has a beautiful blocky head and solid confirmation.  Her sweetness warms our hearts.

Click here to view Rose's pedigree and health clearances


Sonya Golden Journy

"Mable" is our beautiful snuggly girl from some of the top European blood lines.  She has fabulous health clearances.  Her temperament and confimation are exactly what our breeding program desires.  

Her coat is thick, pigment dark, and head shape fantastic!

She absolutely loves life.

Crown Jewel of All by Grace


London is the dog everyone falls in love with.  She greets everyone with a smile.  She has heavy bone, a straight top line, a blocky head/ short snout, and very light coat color.   Her pedigree is full of champions and impressive bloodlines from Golden Duck, Dewmist, and Ashbury to name a few.  Her health clearances are fantastic and there is that important longevity in her pedigree. 

Click Here for London's pedigree and health clearances